Tell them they’re special!

Tell them they’re SPECIAL!

Do you do something special with your children on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day always gets me thinking about all the ways we can tell the people we love,  just how special they are to us.

Especially the little people in our lives!

My son who is four, already loves the idea of Valentine’s Day. His understanding being that you make a card or a gift for someone you love, to let them know you love them. This year he made me a card with a heart he had drawn on and coloured in, it said;

“Happy Valentines Day Mummy, I love you very much and I am so proud of you!”

It was the sweetest thing!

It got me thinking about ways we can tell our children how special they are.  So I got on to sharing “the spirit of Valentine’s Day” with my Storytime group (MidValley Shopping Centre Morwell, Wednesdays 10:30am with Miss Merri)—who are mainly preschool aged children.

I chose from some beautiful children’s books, which I love to read to my son—to tell him how loved and how special he is. They open up some beautiful conversations with the little people in our lives.

My gift to you this Valentines day is here

I’ve put together six, beautiful rhyming children’s stories, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading to the little people in your life—and let them know just how special they are…


Six children’s stories
to tell them they’re SPECIAL!

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
by Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury

This is one of the first books I bought for my little one when he was only a babe. It comes in a board book version, perfect for little grabbing hands and dribbling faces.

It is a beautiful story about how every baby in the world may be different in appearance and upbringing, but they have so much in common too.  It finishes with telling your baby just how special they are because they are yours.  It’s rhyming sing-song words and repetitive nature is perfect for younger children (although my 4 year old still enjoys this book today it was a big favourite around age 2.)  This book would make a wonderful gift for a new baby.

Favourite quote: “But the next baby born was truly divine, a sweet little child who was mine, all mine…”

I Love You Because You’re You
by Liza Baker & David McPhail

I was lucky enough to come across this story at my local op shop and it quickly became a favourite.

This is a perfect book to read to your child after a rough day of tantrums because it tells them that whether they are angry, sad, shy, noisy or silly they are still loved no matter what. It has gentle rhyming words and sweet illustrations of a mummy fox (or possibly a Grandma fox) and her little fox child doing every day things with life’s ups and downs.

Favourite quote:
“I love you any way you feel, no matter what you do. I love you any way you are. I love you because you’re you.”


I’ll Love You
by Kathryn Cristaldi & Kristyna Litten

If you tell your child that you love them to the moon and back this one’s for you. This lovely rhyming story is full of animals going on big adventures (like cows flying to the moon). It finishes gently with all of the animals going to sleep making it a perfect bedtime story.

Favourite quote:
“I will love you till the cows come home from a trip to Mars through skies unknown…”

All The Ways To Be Smart
by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys

This book is so inspiring, imaginative and magical.  It’s beautiful hardcover and illustrations make it a gift to be treasured. It tells your child that they don’t need to be good at everything to be smart and that every person has something that they are really good at whether it is being creative, showing kindness, knowing facts about dinosaurs, doing crazy dances, learning numbers, asking questions, giving hugs and more.

This book is a great one to have on hand when your child doesn’t feel like they are smart or brave enough to remind them that we are all smart and special in our own way.

Favourite quote:
“Every hour of every day, we’re smart in our own special way. And nobody will ever do the very same smart things as you.”


Oh The Places You’ll Go
by Dr. Seuss

An old favourite to pass down to your children. This treasured tale by Dr. Seuss never gets old with it’s highly imaginative worlds and funny words inspiring children and adults to seize the day and take on the world with everything it throws at them.  It’s playful rhyming text and bright unusual and wild illustrations keep children interested even if they don’t understand the meaning behind all of the words just yet.

Favourite quote:
“Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you. And when things start to happen don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. You’ll start happening too.”


Under The Love Umbrella
by Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys

Another absolute treasure and a beautiful gift this delightful book tells your child that no matter where they are and no matter what happens they will always be safe and loved under your “love umbrella”. It’s bright playful illustrations are just wonderful and show many different kinds of families in different circumstances, good times and bad.

Favourite quote:
“Whatever you fear, come close, my dear. You’re tucked in safe for always here. And  I will never not be near. Holding our love umbrella.”




So when you are out at your local book store ask about these wonderful titles and hopefully they will be as treasured in your house as they are in mine.  I would love to hear what you think about them.

Do you have any special stories that aren’t in this list?

I would love to hear what they are and why they are a favourite in your house.


This guest blog post was written by our Storytime Host and Entertainer:

Merrin Dorothy (Miss Merri!).